Editors out of focus

"Dopo molte visite nelle redazioni di quotidiani statunitensi e del resto del mondo, mi sono convinto che il problema è proprio lì, nelle redazioni, e non nelle notizie". Mr Magazine, 2008.

Talking about the actual state and future of the daily printed information, Samir Husni, director and professor of the Department of Journalism at the University of Mississippi, concludes that the problem is not the medium but the message and attributes the origin of it to the editors and the traditional way of producing information. A system that has not changed after years following the same ideological patterns.

“Editors should learn to go beyond the simple news and journalists should do the same". Like the way done by some who have already created divisions focused on contents more than on the actuality.

And here comes his recommendation for a successful editorial performing:
“Every newspaper should have two editor divisions: an old-style editorial for the online news with journalists looking for news, and a second one for the analysis and production of real information”.

Mr Magazine. "Notizie di Carta". Internazionale. No. 727, 18 Jan. 2008.


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