Experiencing in Slovenia

Recently, I applied to participate in the 6th edition of the Conference MASN Moving Anthropology Student Network with the paper “Projectionists of Reality. When researchers project images of their own boundaries.” I was selected to present my work, but with a particular modification of its character, because of the considerable amount of participation requests and the restricted space for the activities. It was a good opportunity to be “invited to” transform it into a workshop. It was the chance to set everything in a different perspective. The result was a flexible and friendly open format where participated people interested in Working with Photography in Anthropological Research.

For you that asked me to share the presented document, here you will find it. At the end, there is a list of references that could be useful for those interested in knowing more about.

During a week of activities of the last meeting of the
in Osilnica and another one participating in the 10th biennial EASA Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists in Ljubljana, I collected impressions and some reflections related not only to anthropological topics, moreover to the senses of responsibility and awareness when one is studying the others and their matters. In this case, I hope that my work could contribute in some way to an understanding of the role of Photography and the visual representation in the Social Research, considering the production of visual concepts to present and explain the experienced, the happened and the real.

Thanks to all of you MASNers, MASN Slovenia, EASA participants and EASA staff, for doing of these two weeks the right charge of input that I was missing to continue shaping my professional profile and, simply, my personal way of seeing this world.


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