Site_Specific: Bunker n° 3, Fortezza

I am planning to return to the Fortress and finish visiting the actual regional exhibition "Labyrinth:Freedom". Tomorrow is a good day to go, because it will be possible to attend to one of the special installation-concerts in the Bunker No.3 of Tiziano Popoli: Site_Specific

Bunker n° 3, Fortezza (The Fortress)

Opera Nr. 3
Sound installation for instruments, voices, electronic sounds and artificial corporal resonances.
10:00 – 19:00 Hrs.
Duration: 60’
Reservation required.

”Living the bunker as a unique, immense corpus of resonance”

Curiously, the technical term used to design a military construction for defense is the same to that representing also the place and the concept of the fifth essence in Art: the Opera.

The motivation of this work is the desire of giving voice to the exclusive acoustic qualities of the Fortress Bunker No. 3, through an itinerary in its interior conceived as both a theater and a sonorous labyrinth.

Tiziano Popoli, the author, confronts the architectural characteristics of the Bunker to the form of a trumpet or an human ear, and stated the following: “the experience could be also an immeasurable ear, able to perceive a kind of sense of war -kriegerische Stimmung- that this place expels, in such a manner that is possible to modulate and transmute this sense through the resonance of its secret corpus and externalize it in the way a ritual trumpet does."

In collaboration with:
Autonomous Province of Bozen, Division 6 – Patrimonial Administration
Autonomous Province of Bozen, Division 15 – Italian Culture Office
Music Institute Vivaldi of Bozen
Association Oppidum – Franzensfeste

Here, the making of:

The invitation PDF.

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