Yosemite Valley before Ansel Adams. Underwood & Underwood Stereoscopic Photographs of 1902

Tonight in Bolzano
Yosemite Valley before Ansel Adams. Underwood & Underwood Stereoscopic Photographs of 1902
Underwood & Underwood (USA)

Opening: 22.09.2009, 19:00 hrs.
Exhibition: 23.09.2009 - 17.10.2009
Visit hours:
Tu. – Fr.: 15:00 – 19:00.
Sa.: 10:00-12:30.
Free entrance.

Yosemite Valley seen through the stereoscope in the three-dimensional photographs of Underwood & Underwood, New York, 1092.
Curated by Antonello Satta

As part of the Mountain Publishing International Festival that will take place from September 18th to 27th, 2009 in the city town of Bolzano, tonight will be opened the exhibition "Yosemite Valley – Before Ansel Adams” at the Foto-forum Gallery in Bolzano, September 22th, 2009 at 19:00 hrs., with stereoscopic panoramic photographs taken in 1902.

Since 1895, the Underwood & Underwood, probably the biggest house in the world specialized in stereoscopic photography of all kinds, published in carton boxes with the form of a book the so called Boxed Sets, several series of 50-100 original mounted prints consisting on images of cities, towns, varied events and war conflicts. What was fundamental in the image production was not to report the authorial credits, since the stereograms were usually labeled and numbered only with the name of the publisher house, and rarely with the name of the photographer, but to state the way these images would be seen. On the backside of the box, it was referred with golden characters as follows “through the stereoscope”.

Yosemite Valley is relevant for the visual culture in the wide world since the early years of landscape photography until nowadays. It is present in the collective imaginary of every photographer,and not only, due to the extraordinary photographs created in the 1930’s by the great photographer Ansel Adams (1902-1984), the most famous figure between the American landscape photographers.

This exhibition is presented for the second time in Italy, and consists in images and texts taken from the volume: Yosemite Valley Through the Stereoscope, published (1st. Ed.) in 1902 by Underwood & Underwood. In this occasion, at the Foto-forum Gallery in Bolzano, there will be displayed 25 panels with stereoscopic photographs, and one will have access to a guide and a map so as to identify every reproduction through information about position, orientation and the used angle of every photogram, following the exclusive patented model of the publishing house. Moreover, stereoscopic glasses will be offered to look at the images and perceive the three-dimensionality.

At the opening of the exhibition will participate Augusto Golin and the curator Antonello Stata, representing the TrentoFilmfestival and the Italian Stereoscopic Archive, respectively. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Italian Stereoscopic Archive, the TrentoFilmfestival and AVS South Tyrol Alpine Association.

This is an invitation to reflect about the worth of archival collections and the importance of making it accessible, understandable and valuable to the public. It is about giving the chance to people of acquiring new keys of lecture of far and forgotten places and, what is for me the most exciting, of exploring the ways of perceiving, once pioneer in the sensorial experimentation in the early1900’s, now really difficult to have access to in a ultra-advanced technological world.

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