Punishing, preventing and educating

About the recent fire emergency suffered in South Italy, it was published a recommendation to attend the problem.

It is said:
[ To punish, prevent and educate: these are the words that shall be better used in situations like those of the last weeks in the regions of South Italy, in front of fire emergencies.

“Punishment” and “prevention” are in any case important, but what one can do today for healing the probable situation in the future is to promote “education”. There is a several number of fire emergencies due to the no-attention or imprudence of people. And what is more significant: not everyone appreciates the value of the ground, the forest, the territory as a human patrimony.]

("Il Sole 24 Ore" newspaper, of August 24th, 2007.)


It is talking about the need of designing information in an extended measure. I think it should be no more giving traditional advices through “informative” printed and/or electronic systems, but, helping in the creation of an integral management system that safeguards the territory, starting to include actions for promoting consciousness about the real meaning of the emergency.

This educational system should appeal to values. It should be something else than the no-more-informative-system that repeats phrases, which today have no more sense, no impact on society.

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