Non-profit orgs using marketing know-how

An analysis of the return of capital invested in marketing by non-profit Italian organizations offers an interesting lection particularly for the promotion of the non-profit sector.

The society of strategic consultancy Un-Guru has compared 42 organizations, confronting the amount of euros spent in marketing and that of donations obtained from their audience. It is seen that Italians prefer to support scientific research for the social improvement better than other kind of projects.

A credible image
Non-profit organizations should spend in credibility since it is seen that the main reasons to donate are related to emotional factors: religion or social, cultural or political values. And credibility could be acquired through constant but also transparent communication.

“Essere trasparenti contribuisce a creare un capitale di fiducia e serietà, valori intangibili ma fondamentali per affrontare le sfide de futuro: trovare donatori fedeli…” Antonella Tagliabue, 2007.

The perception toward credibility could be gained through an image constructed with accurate information more than a pretty visual communication system. Determinant is to let know the people about the organization purposes and finalities as well as its methods and means to achieve it. It is fundamental for the perception of the potential public to feel that every euro is used in something “tangible” that has form and reason.

“Improvement of the general statement communication": from where comes what, a constant exhibition of the development achieved thanks to the contributions already used. Simply “clarity in types and modalities of donations”.

The example for excellence, derived from the analysis, is the Meyer Foundation of Florence, they financial support resource of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital, L’Ospedale dei Bambini a Firenze.
In the year 2006, every euro invested in promotion produced 114 euro of income.

The secret: “strategic planning of the necessary objectives and resources”. Marketing instruments were adopted in a similar way that a profit organization does, by “creating partnerships with big donators, specially companies, able to support long-term projects and finance important and effective communication campaigns”. Strategies known as cause related marketing where partnerships between profit and non-profit organizations are common.

At the end, every organization can choose the promotional instruments to use. Important is to use those really needed, really efficient, and avoid the use of a complex mix of all-possible-instruments. In other words, to avoid acting without differentiation but to specialize the marketing mix according to the organization profile.

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