Festival of Contemporary art of Faenza - What happened during the Opening OPERE/works?

Opening of OPERE/works - ph walter costa

Opening OPERE/works - Festival of Contemporary art, Faenza.

Giovanni Malpezzi, Mayor of Faenza, Massimo Isola, Deputy Mayor and Head of Culture of Faenza, Pio Baldi, President of MAXXI Foundation of the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Carlos Basualdo, Pier Luigi Sacco and Angela Vettese, members of the scientific board of the international festival of Contemporary art, have inaugurated its third edition.

During the opening, Pier Luigi Sacco recognized the vivacity of the hosting city, which in the last three years has revealed itself as a territory capable of being proactive and participative in a process of sustainable development. Thankful to all who have made possible the occasion, mainly to the extraordinary contribute of volunteers, Pier Luigi Sacco underlined the importance of reasoning and reflecting about works of art. He considered that contemporary art, as reference of the actual world in which we live, is an opportunity to take consciousness about the significant changes we do suffer and the implications for the society.

The art critic Angela Vettese remembered that works of art are a pretext, not a text, and do not have any specific language but they take advantage of many elements of artistic languages so as to create, with complexity, an artistic project.

“Thinking on art is part of art”, affirmed the art curator Carlos Basualdo, in the sense that thought and art are co-dependent. For this reason, he considers that the festival is a moment to think together, friendly, believing in the angelical power of art.

Giovanni Malpezzi, Mayor of Faenza, convinced that investing in culture means to invest in an instrument for the development of the territory, confirmed the role and one of the scopes of the festival.

In its past editions, the festival has been an effective way of involving territory, cultural operators and public sector into a discussion and a series of reflection, at an international scale, about the actual cultural processes, but also -and this is one of its major qualities- it has oriented the attention to the economic processes and the potential of development of a territory. All has been possible through a participative and collective work. For this reason, the festival has been defined as an instrument of cultural democracy.

Opening of OPERE/works - ph walter costa

This article was published by Martha Jiménez Rosano for Cyou, part of the Cproject of the Festival of Contemporary art, Faenza, Italy.
Faenza (It), May 2010.


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