The architecture of tomorrow - Vito Acconci

24th May 2010, Faenza, Italy.
Vito Acconci interviewed by Massimiliano Scuderi - The architecture of tomorrow

The art critic and curator Massimiliano Scuderi has interviewed Vito Acconci, one of the most important figures in the world of both architecture and contemporary art.

The curator’s curiosity about the past of Acconci let us discover and understand more about the character of the artist and his work of art. He began his career by experiencing the writing and poetry. There has been something that conduced him to start working with a group of persons in 1988, under the form of a collective, the Acconci Studio, committed with the development of innovative projects on design and architecture. His work was changing, in the same way places and people do. And it continues doing so in the actuality. For this reason, it is possible to conceive his work biological, part of society and for society, in a relation that seems to be natural.

Vito Acconci interviewed by Massimiliano Scuderi - ph sara busato

It is his conviction that if the artist starts working in private, the result will be, in consequence, private. The artist believes that the only way to make the work of art reach a public space is to work in-group, to work together. In this sense, Acconci defended the value of joint work by saying that it is a process where the idea of one single person is just that; the idea of a couple is still an idea of two, but when a third one participates, then an argument takes place. And this is what counts to make art become public: the argument that refers every part of the group.

The body is the main subject of his work of art. Vito Acconci started his research by considering clothing to be the first architecture of the human being, since it covers the body with the specific function of protecting. The artistic character in his work appeared when he conceived a particular role of people in architecture. It is the idea of people not considered as viewers but as inhabitants and participants, as well. People are part of anthropological spaces which -in contrast to definite forms such as the geometrical ones- are places that change; where it is difficult to determine the limit between outside and inside; these are places of continuity and integration. With this kind of architecture, in words of the artist, they “try to give the people choices” instead of establishing paths to follow.

Imagining the future, Vito Acconci concluded his participation by comparing the human being, who is turning back to be nomad, with a turtle because it does not leave the home when goes, but carries it. It is the suspicion of tomorrow’s architecture: a portable and changeable one.

Written by Martha Jiménez Rosano – for the Cyou project of the C Festival.


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