7º MASN Moving Anthropology Social Network Conference in Poland is coming soon!

Moving Anthropology Social Network - MASN is an international network of students and graduates which are interested in anthropological issues. The common goal of MASN is to stay in touch with anthropological or social issues, to conceive and participate in anthropological projects, the same as to create a platform to join scientific activity, research and extra-academic social involvement.

The 7th edition of MASN Conference is to going to be held on 24-28 of March 2010 in Krzyżowa, Poland focusing on "Human rights and ethics in anthropological perspective.” In 2007, Polish MASN section has already organized the 3rd edition in Łopuszna, and after the past edition in Ljubljana, Slovenia, all MASNers are curious about the next meeting.

Call for papers remains open until January 31th, 2010 to be send at: masn.poland@gmail.com together with the application form available here for download.

Thanks for your effort Polish working team!

For more information, please visit

and the official international MASN webpage on


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